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Carisma visual reports communicate automotive concepts simply. Educate, retain and build trusting customer relationships.

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Carisma is effective

Add a plate
Track the progress of each job.
Take photos
Generate an image stream of each service.
Create a visual report
Send reports as SMS and email to your customers.
Increase social media reviews
Get fast customer feedback.

Reduce your time on the phone

Your job just got easier. Replace 15 minute explanations of difficult concepts with a Carisma visual report instead.

Instant customer feedback. Boost social media reviews

How are your customers feeling? A single click response will tell you. We automatically point happy customers to your Facebook review page.

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Manage feedback fast

Enjoy positive feedback. Respond to the rest.

Protect yourself from nasty surprises.

Accidents happen…Keep a record of  pre-existing damage before commencing any work to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

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Retain and grow loyal customers

“The photos of the service are a great idea, so you can see what’s been done, so often with car services it’s not really noticeable what you are paying for.”
“Will definately be a repeat customer…photo evidence of work performed on my car!”
“The other aspect to praise Chris for is the way he's working on changing the stereotypical opinion many have of the mechanic - that they're charging for work that doesn't really need to be done.“

81% of car owners

are wary of getting ripped off during a car service
CANSTAR Blue 2015
544 consumers surveyed who had their vehicles serviced in the previous 12 months.

The best way to manage your workshop’s reputation

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