Pay for repairs you can see

Workshops that use Carisma provide visual reports that show you exactly what you’re spending your hard earned dollars on.

We’ll reach out and give them a 14 day free trial of Carisma.

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At any workshop that uses Carisma.
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Your transparent report is sent straight to your desktop and smartphone via email and SMS.
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Track the health of your vehicle from one service to the next

No longer feel in the dark when it comes to your vehicles health. Keep a record of all your Carisma reports so you can track what’s been fixed between services.

Single click feedback

When you receive your visual report, help your workshop understand how they’re doing and improve the vehicle servicing experience for everyone.

Trust and transparency makes all the difference

Workshops that use Carisma provide an open, honest and transparent experience for their customers. It’s no wonder car owners are already choosing workshops that use Carisma.

“The photos of the service are a great idea, so you can see what’s been done, so often with car services it’s not really noticeable what you are paying for.”
“Will definately be a repeat customer…photo evidence of work performed on my car!”
“The other aspect to praise Chris for is the way he's working on changing the stereotypical opinion many have of the mechanic - that they're charging for work that doesn't really need to be done.“
" A


majority said they’ve had to pay for repairs or maintenance they weren’t expecting.”
CANSTAR Blue 2015
544 consumers surveyed who had their vehicles serviced in the previous 12 months.

Get transparent visual reports every time your car is serviced

We’ll reach out and give them a 14 day free trial of Carisma.