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For independent workshops that service a few vehicles per day
Includes all Free features as well as:
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For dealerships that service a large number of vehicles per day
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Carisma's features

Visual reports

Sell with confidence. Show your customers exactly what needs fixing.


Technicians are proudly displayed on visual reports for recognition of their hard work.

Instant customer feedback

Customers give you instant feedback to let you know how you’re doing.

Social media review booster

Good experiences are followed up with an email that encourages a positive social media review.

Mobile app

Photos from your workshop are uploaded to your dashboard from the Carisma app.

Live chat support

Got a question you need answered? We’ll chat live and help you out.

Knowledge base

Articles and videos to help you get the most from Carisma.

Customer Email and SMS

Easily send visual reports as Email and SMS so customers can approve work quickly.
Geoff - Workshop Manager
Rapid Tune
“It’s the point of difference and it’s the future.”
Paul - Head Mechanic
Ultra Tune
“Carisma makes explaining my work to customers so much easier”
Melanie - Car Owner
5 star Facebook review
“The other aspect to praise Chris for is the way he's working on changing the stereotypical opinion many have of the mechanic - that they're charging for work that doesn't really need to be done.“

Ready for your workshop to have a point of difference?

Easy setup | Free 14 day trial | Cancel at any time

Frequently asked questions

How is Carisma different to standard workshop software?
Carisma is a communication platform dedicated to building trust and retaining valuable customers. We know that explaining work that needs doing isn’t always easy. Visual reports help your customers quickly understand complex concepts relayed from your technicians. Carisma eases the conversation when it comes to a customer understanding why particular works required on their vehicle costs what it does.
Can I try Carisma before buying?
Of course! We think it’s only fair. Our mission is to provide value to your workshop. If we’ve done that after your free 14 day trial, then we’d welcome you to purchase a subscription to the platform to keep gaining value.

Simply use any of the ‘TRY FREE’ buttons on the site to get started.